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Manage your developers’ wellbeing on autopilot

Create happy and engaged engineering teams by conducting wellbeing surveys - right in Slack!

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How it works

Add the Slack app

Install and set up how are you’s plugin in minutes. Start gauging your engineers’ happiness and job satisfaction right away!

Run them on autopilot

No need to monitor and triage data. Automate your surveys to help you get more done. Don’t waste time on manual feedback gathering and distribution.

Create surveys

Add questions and choose recipients. Learn how your engineers are doing on projects, in teams, and at the company.

Gather insights instantly

how are you gathers your responses, analyzes the results, and provides actionable insights so you can give your engineers personalized attention.

Your dev team success starts with active listening

Pricing plan:


per workspace per month



Unlimited users and surveys, no strings attached. Enjoy all of hay's features for just $9/month

Best price!

Save 22%!


per workspace per month



…or $7 a month and
everyone from your workspace can use hay without any limits for the whole year!

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